About Lessons

Be more confident.
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In my studio every singer has a personalized plan that fosters long-lasting vocal ability.


We'll focus on creating a solid foundation for your voice by using techniques taught by IVA. I use exercises that will help you understand and create peak vocal balance and control.


All students have some form of musicianship training. We'll use practices to encourage pitch accuracy and music reading as needed. Young or serious musicianships will have a dedicated section of their lesson.


Even if you're singing for yourself, this will help you connect with the emotional meaning. We talk about the prosody (the relationship between lyrics and music) and meaning of your song.

Wanna start lessons?

Book a free 30-min assessment

What happens in a lesson?

During your free vocal assessment we'll first discuss your current goals and past experience. Then I'll have you sing! After the vocal exercises I'll tell you what is going on with you voice and how to move forward. We'll use the rest of the lesson to pin-point your vocal struggles and sing a song if you've brought one.

If you choose to have another lesson, the structure will be as follows:

Every lesson begins with warm-ups and vocalizes specific to your needs. I'll use finished and unfinished sounds to help you balance your vocal cords and reach your goals.

If you choose, we will spend dedicated time working on ear-training and sight-reading. This is most often for students who would like to pursue music degrees. If you have other goals, I'll integrate your musicianship skills into your warm-ups.

Last, we'll work on songs together. By using a mix of your choices and mine we'll learn most by doing. This is usually half of your lesson, and the most fun! During this time we'll also discuss performance techniques and audition practices.

In my studio the students choose what music they want to work on. If you're not sure what to sing next, let me know. If you have a student who plans on competing we'll work together to choose their repertoire.

$35 per half-hour
$45 per 45-minute
$60 per hour